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White Sage w/ Eucalyptus & Selenite


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White Sage w/ Eucalyptus & Selenite
White Sage w/ Eucalyptus & Selenite
White Sage w/ Eucalyptus & Selenite


Two 4" Smudge Stick, and 1 Raw Selenite Stick. 2 Sticks per pack 4 inches.

Premium California White Sage. 
4" White Sage Smudge: Sage is proven to neutralize negative energy, kill harmful bacteria, improve sleep, alleviate anxiety and stress. When burned the smoke heals and brings one back into balance and cleanses the body and mind of negative spirits and impurities. Smudging sage has also been known globally to help relieve worry, open the mind, clear negative thoughts and feelings, and de-stress the spirit.
TAKE PART IN A SACRED TRADITION: Sage is a traditional medicine plant of the Native American peoples, used for healing and ceremony. It is used for cleansing and purification, and to open people up to a greater connection with the sacred. It is thought to banish negative energy, not only on the physical level, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It has a very aromatic, sharp and stimulating smell, and its action works on all the senses.

This organic California Eucalyptus smudge sticks deliver a deep and intense purifying smoke, surrounding you with a profound feeling of cleansing and safety. Hande-made with the finest wild-crafted, and sustainably grown herbs products from California.  Bundles are hand assembled with high-quality organic ingredients. 
Eucalyptus is one of the oldest and most well-known herbs for cleansing the energy of your space. It promotes tranquility, peace and healing. Eucalyptus can alleviate stress & anxiety while neutralizing the energy in your home to enhance your intuition.

Each bundle is naturally grown, without the use of pesticides, in California, USA.

2.5" Raw Selenite Stick:
Selenite embodies tranquility, blessings, love and light. It is celebrated for the transparency and ethereal radiance it provides. It inspires a profound peace and carries a high frequency and intensity of energy that surpasses nearly all stones for opening, clearing and activating the Crown and Higher Crown chakras.  Selenite is ideal for meditation, spiritual work and connecting to ancient wisdom and knowledge.

Instructions: Carefully light one end using a small flame. Allow end to burn for a few seconds, then quickly blow out flame. Place smoking stick on fire safe surface - e.g. metal or clay bowl, shell, crystal agate dish. Keep a small dish or cup of water nearby for quick distinguishing.
CAUTION: Use with extreme caution. Do not leave burning or smoldering stick unattended. Keep out of reach of children. 

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