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Red Jasper Orgonite Healing Pyramid


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Red Jasper Orgonite Healing Pyramid
Red Jasper Orgonite Healing Pyramid
Red Jasper Orgonite Healing Pyramid
Red Jasper Orgonite Healing Pyramid
Red Jasper Orgonite Healing Pyramid
Red Jasper Orgonite Healing Pyramid


Handmade 8 level Healing Orgonite Pyramid.
MaterialsGold chips, Iron chips, Brass chips, Copper chip, Copper wire, Aluminum chips, Resin, Raw Red Jasper, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis, Turquoise, Raw Stones, Rose Quartz, Rainbow & Green Fluorite, Limestone, Coral, Howlite, Green Aventurine, Black Sand, and Black Obsidian.

Dimensions: Hight 4"/ Base 3.6"
Weight: 498 g

What Is Orgonite and How It Works?

Orgonite (or Orgone Generator) is essentially an energy healing device made from metals, resin, and crystals. This was inspired and developed by the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1930's.
Orgonite energy have been defined as life force energy, chi, prana, ether. The ability of orgone devices is to convert negative energy into positive, life affirming energy, balance the spiritual aspect of a being, healing crystals and quartz that balance and harmonize our bioenergy field.
The materials contained in orgonite devices are constantly attracting and repelling energy, and along with the charge that the crystal gives off, this cleans stagnant and negative energy and brings it back to a healthy, vibrant, positive and powerful orgone energy.
Orgonite helps to transform lower vibrational energy, also known as negative energy, into higher vibrational energy. When you wear, hold or stand near a piece of orgonite, the orgone device will clear negative energy from your field, creating a balanced and healthy state, not only from your being, but your surroundings as well. It is often used for protection from wireless devices as well.

Orgonite is based on these principles:
- The mixture of resin (organic, due to the fact that it is based on petrochemicals), and metal shavings (inorganic. Some people also like to use 50/50 mix ratio of each material.
- A quartz crystal is also added to the orgonite mix to amplify and center the energy of orgone. 

- Optional: adding additional crystals to increase the power of orgonite. This is based on your personal preference. 

10 healing properties and benefits of Orgonite:

1. Orgonite is an efficient transmuter of stagnant and negative energies.

2. Deepen meditation (holding it in both hands)

3. Boost plant growth (life force energy)

4. Better sleep and vivid dreams

5. More energy

6. Balanced moods

7. Decrease sensitivity to EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies or EMF Radiation)

8. Purify water by placing the pyramid on top of a water utensil

9. Remove pain by placing the pyramid on the painful spot.

10. Neutralize the geological vein radiation by placing the pyramid on the point of the vein intersection.

How to cleanse your Orgonite?

 1. Charge it with your energy, holding it in hands or putting open palms towards it for 2 minutes

2. Charge it by keeping it in sunlight for 1 day and moonlight for 1 night.

3. Purify it, leaving it under cold running water for a few minutes, put some salt on first.

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