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BennuVegan was born out of my desire to provide simplistic personal care products that are in alignment with nature. Our plant based products are free of synthetic colors, oils, fragrances and related inferior quality ingredients. Any preservatives within our product line are certified organic and plant based. Having experienced firsthand the hardships associated with dry brittle hair, and an inability to find an all-natural hair product that fulfilled all of my needs, I did what any resourceful soul would do, I created my own products. BennuVegan hair products are formulated to moisturize, nourish, and strengthen hair. Our products are formulated to improve hair porosity, and protect your hair against damage inherent to everyday life; some of which include oxidative stress, over processing, and heat damage. BennuVegan products are made with raw unrefined cold pressed oils and butters; enriched with antioxidants; amino and fatty acids; and vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, copper, zinc, and selenium. Our products are designed to cleanse your hair, provide essential nourishment, soften, hydrate, detangle your hair; support adequate circulation, and promote stronger/ faster hair growth.

The informed consumer not only expects that their product will perform as advertised, they too have a vested interest in using products, and supporting brands that do not violate the sanctity of the environment, and one's own physical body. With that in mind, I formulate our product line utilizing high quality plant based ingredients.

Thank you for choosing BennuVegan. We will honor your loyalty to us by never sacrificing our core values, remaining committed to our brand integrity, and maintaining brand standards which you'll never have to second guess.